4 Ways To Get To Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado, is renowned for its world-class skiing, stunning mountain scenery, and upscale amenities. 

Whether you’re planning a winter getaway or a summer retreat, getting to Aspen is straightforward. Here’s how you can get to this beautiful mountain town.

How To Get To Aspen

Traveling To Aspen By Air

The most convenient way to reach Aspen is by air

The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE) is located just a few miles from the city center and offers direct flights from major cities, especially during the ski season. 

For a broader range of flight options, consider flying into Eagle County Airport (EGE), about 70 miles away, or Denver International Airport (DEN), which is approximately 183 miles from Aspen. Both airports offer scenic shuttle services to Aspen.

Traveling To Aspen By Car

If you prefer the flexibility of driving, Aspen is accessible via well-maintained roads that offer breathtaking views. 

From Denver, you can take I-70 W to CO-82 E, leading directly to Aspen.

The drive takes about four hours, but you might find yourself stopping to take photos of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. During winter, ensure your vehicle is equipped with snow tires or chains.

Traveling To Aspen By Bus

For those opting for public transportation, several bus services provide access to Aspen. 

The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) offers extensive routes within the Aspen area and from nearby cities. 

Greyhound also runs services to Aspen, making it an affordable option for travelers. The buses are comfortable and equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, making your trip as pleasant as possible.

Traveling To Aspen By Rail

Traveling to Aspen by rail is a unique and scenic option that offers breathtaking views of Colorado’s landscapes.

While there isn’t a direct train route to Aspen, you can still enjoy a memorable train journey by combining it with a bus or shuttle service as follows.

Amtrak’s California Zephyr Route

One of the most scenic train journeys in the United States, Amtrak’s California Zephyr route, runs from Chicago to San Francisco, passing through Denver’s Union Station.

Travelers can embark on this route in Denver and enjoy stunning vistas of the Rocky Mountains, rivers, and canyons on their way to Glenwood Springs, which is the closest Amtrak station to Aspen.

From Glenwood Springs to Aspen

Upon arrival in Glenwood Springs, travelers can take a shuttle or bus service for the remaining 40-mile trip to Aspen.

Several transportation services operate between Glenwood Springs and Aspen, ensuring a smooth transition from rail to road.

This leg of the journey typically takes about an hour and provides an additional opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery.


Getting to Aspen is easy whether you fly, drive, or use public transportation. 

Each option offers its own experiences, from sky-high views landing at Aspen Airport to picturesque drives through the Rockies. 

Once you arrive, the charm and beauty of Aspen are sure to make your journey worthwhile. Enjoy your trip!